Oz Tank introduces the Forest Eco Range


Welcome to your 100% Chemical-Free Kitchen


How important is a chemical free kitchen to you?

With Forest, you know you’re on the right road - a road toward a world free from nasty chemicals. Your customers can rest assured, knowing that your kitchen hygiene is maintained at the highest level without nasty chemical residue left behind after the cleaning process.

“Eat clean, live clean with Forest.” 


Chemicals Shift Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG) – Forest devours it

The job of most cleaning products is to loosen the surface tension of fat, oil & grease (FOG) as well as dirt and bacteria, in order to move it. Essentially shifting it from one place to another, usually down the drain. The dirt, bacteria and fog are then moved into water treatment systems along with the chemicals used.


The Forest range of cleaning products is based on plant extracts & live enzymes.

Live enzymes are living organisms that feed on fog, dirt & bacteria, devouring it in the process. These organisms will multiply at an incredible rate, continuing to feed long after the initial application.

“Live enzyme cleaners are a very efficient cleaning system, when used in the absence of chemicals.”


Minimise and Save on Cost and Waste



Shipping the product as a concentrate in small bottles, lowers the cost of supply.

The bottles have a measuring reservoir for easy mixing. There are no large costly warehouses or expensive mixing equipment. This equates to fantastic cost savings for you. It also means less waste.

Small 100ml to 500ml fully recyclable plastic bottles are your only waste. Most of the products packaged in the 500ml containers will make 50 litre’s of ready to use product, making it last, for most, well beyond one month.


“Want the job done safely and at the lowest possible cost?” - GET FOREST




Forest: A revolutionary advance in cleaning
Proudly brought to you by Oz Tank




19th November 2020

Oz Tank

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