[Video] Garlic Bread Tuna Melt Recipe

Creaminess from the mayonnaise, crunchiness from the onions and saltiness from the capers.
This recipe combines perfectly with the garlic bread base to offer a unique way to utilise the product throughout your menu.


Makes 2

2 each La Famiglia Garlic Bread Slices
160 g Tuna, Drained
80 g Red Onion
30 g Capers, Chopped
15 g Dill, Chopped
2 g Salt and Pepper To Taste
110 g Prise Whole Egg Mayonnaise
8 each Swiss Cheese Slices


Step 1:

Bake garlic bread as per instructions.


Step 2:

In a bowl, mix tuna, onion, capers, dill and mayo, season to taste.


Step 3:

Spread tuna mix onto the garlic bread, top with cheese. 

Step 4:

Place into the oven or under the salamander until cheese is melted and golden, serve immediately.


For a tasty entrée or bar snack turn garlic bread into bruschetta by topping with sliced tomato, mozzarella and basil leaves.






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6th October 2020

Goodman Fielder Foodservice

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