Introducing Luna by Bakers Maison - an indulgent, easy-to-bake treat!

Luna by Bakers Maison

A new, lower-cost, ‘Ready-to-Bake’ croissant, known as LUNA, has entered the market, introduced by specialist bakery manufacturer Bakers Maison.

It is snap-frozen in its ready-to-bake state, which can be easily shipped anywhere in Australia.


“We chose the name Luna, meaning moon, which aligns nicely with ‘croissant’, a word that means crescent. Luna was developed by our product development team to offer a lower price than our premium croissants, which we’ve achieved by sourcing economical natural ingredients.” - says Pascal Chanelière, MD of Bakers Maison.


Inspired by healthy recipes, LUNA is a margarine croissant, with a smooth buttery taste. Once cooked, it becomes crunchy, flaky with a soft centre and an irresistible aroma. 

Luna by Bakers Maison

Made with margarine, LUNA has less cholesterol than a regular croissant, making it the perfect excuse to indulge. 

Bakers Maison’s croissant range also includes other delicious croissants, which are filled with an Almond or Hazelnut paste, with products distributed to the foodservice sector by an extensive distribution network.




For more information in regards to our LUNA croissant, please visit our website or alternatively, contact us via email at



1st September 2020

Bakers Maison : Breads & Baguettes

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