Chanrol continues commitment to environmental sustainability

Chanrol Sustainability Commitment

Recent studies commissioned by the federal government found that just 9.4 per cent of plastic waste was recycled in 2017-2018.

Export bans on recyclable plastics, paper and glass, which will take effect July 2020 is seeing significant growth in the Australian recycling industry and it is speculated that government investment will result in the rapid and exponential advancement of supporting infrastructure.

Our industry is experiencing increased popularity of “environmentally friendly” products currently and on face value, there are undoubtedly benefits to their use. However, concerns exist about the manufacturing practices, waste disposal (bleaches, adhesives and other chemicals commonly used) and Co2 output and remain largely unaddressed.

As part of Chanrol's dedication to environmental sustainability, 2020 saw the launch of our flagship “closed loop” and “open loop” recycling initiatives.


Open-loop vs. Closed-loop Recycling

Chanrol Sustainability Commitment

Closed-loop recycling indicates a product can be recycled back into itself, while open-loop recycling (downcycling) indicates that it can be recycled into other types of products (e.g. plastic bottles into fibre).


Case studies will soon be underway to finalise the framework best suited for specific environments (Music festivals, schools, aged/healthcare facilities, shopping centre food halls etc) where Chanrol products are being used and will be collected for reprocessing by our program partners.

National implementation is forecast for the 1st quarter of 2020. We look forward to working with our distribution network to achieve a cleaner, sustainable environment for future generations.




24th August 2020

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