Organise and prep with Chanrol’s range of re-useable Freezer Grade Containers

Chanrol Freezer Grade Containers
Every chef worth their salt will attest that the keys to their success are creativity, organisation and preparation.
While the creative aspect comes purely from the imagination of the culinary artist, organisation and prep are a “no brainer” with Chanrol’s range of Re-useable Freezer Grade Containers.
Chanrol’s uniquely formulated recipe of freezer grade Polypropylene has been refined and perfected to provide the robust, dishwasher friendly storage solution every busy kitchen needs.
Available in a variety of sizes, in Natural, Black or White and Round or Rectangular, colour coding and ingredient identification couldn’t be easier with this cost effective system.
Multi stackable and featuring Chanrol’s snap secure lidding, this conveniently & hygenically packed (sleeves of 50) range is ideal for restaurants, cafes, pubs & clubs to minimise ingredient wastage and improve overall efficiency. 
Proudly manufactured in our Blacktown facility and available Australia wide via our Key Master Distributor Network.
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Proudly Australian owned and Operated since 1979
1st July 2021

Chanrol : Disposable Food Packaging

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