Taking the hassle out of HACCP

Monika Prime - Taking the hassle out of HACCP

Digital food safety tools that save you time and money while giving you regulatory peace of mind

Under the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards (3.2.1), food businesses should implement a food safety management plan based upon HACCP principles. This plan should be periodically reviewed and audited.

As many foodservice professionals would know, developing your food safety management plan is one thing - but implementing it is quite another. How can you ensure the right actions are taken by the right person, at the right time – easily and traceably?

With so many critical points in the storage, handling and serving of food, and so many checks to ensure standards are met and food is safe to eat, the burden of compliance can be overwhelming.


Monika Prime - Taking the hassle out of HACCP

Tools for doing HACCP better – and smarter

For many foodservice professionals, HACCP compliance can seem far too onerous. And often for good reason – but this is most likely due to the tools or methods used to implement your food safety program, rather than the standards or regulations themselves.

That’s where a digital food safety system can transform the way you see and manage food safety. With MonikaPrime – a complete, fully customisable system that covers both temperature control and hygiene practices – you can streamline and even automate many of your food safety and hygiene procedures, significantly reducing the burden of compliance.


Monika Prime - Taking the hassle out of HACCP

Automate your temperature monitoring

The first step to streamlining your food safety processes is to eliminate manual temperature checks. You can achieve this by installing core product sensors in all your refrigeration equipment with customisable temperature ranges (e.g. for high risk or sensitive products).

Alarms and email/SMS alerts can be triggered 24/7 and corrective actions recorded to show how you managed any issue that arose (not to mention protecting you from costly stock losses).


Digitise your food safety and hygiene tasks

The next step is to equip your teams with a purpose-built mobile device that prompts them to complete and log all food safety and hygiene tasks across their work area, according to a schedule set by you – from hand probing, cleaning and maintenance to stock rotation and shelf-life checks.

With MonikaPrime’s customisable software, which can be adapted to suit your operations and compliance needs, you can assign tasks to designated areas (e.g Front of House, Back of House) at designated times or intervals (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly or monthly).

You can even schedule tasks to be completed within set timeframes or ‘windows’ that tend to be quieter periods for your operations – to maximise staff resources. You can then set and escalate reminders to managers to make sure no critical tasks are missed.


Monika Prime - Taking the hassle out of HACCP


Access critical food safety data – anywhere, anytime

With a MonikaPrime digital food safety system, you’re always audit-ready because data is captured in real-time and saved to the cloud to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

For example, wireless probes upload live data from your food temperature checks at good inwards, preparation, prime cooking, chilling, reheating and serving.

All data is fully traceable to date, time, user and location for full management oversight, auditing, compliance and accreditation purposes. This is particularly valuable if you manage multiple sites, giving you a 360 degree view of food safety performance across your entire business operations at any given time.


Bringing a renewed focus to food safety

As we’ve outlined above, instead of feeling like a burden or ‘just another thing’ you have to do, with the right tools food safety can become something you and your staff take pride in.

With a more streamlined approach, your teams can move forward with a renewed sense of purpose around what matters most: protecting your customers and your business.





30th June 2020

Monika : Digital Food Safety Management System

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