How to choose your bread according to your dishes?

How to choose your bread according to your dishes? Bakers Maison

Bread is an essential part of dining that is found on the table during most meals. The indestructible traditional baguette is the queen of the loaves, it comes in many forms and can be adapted according to the dishes.

At Bakers Maison we’ll guide you in knowing which bread to choose according to your dishes:


What bread to eat at BREAKFAST?

At breakfast, the breads that will help you start the day well will be milk bread, brioche bread or sandwich bread.

Their gourmet notes will complement the rest of your morning meal.

new_almond_croissant_de_600x600 14921_brioche_slider_35g_600x600 13333_-_gf_raspberry_crumble_muffin_de_600x600

Almond Filled 
Butter Croissant

Brioche Slider

Gluten Free Raspberry Crumble Muffin


With which bread to eat CHEESE?

Here you have two possible solutions, depending on the type of cheese. If you have strong cheese such as blue or saint nectaire, opt for bread with dried fruits, such as raisin bread, fig or apricots. The marriage of sugar and strong cheese is both original and irresistible.

If you want to accompany hard cheese, such as Emmental or Cantal, prefer the cereal bread whose gourmet touch goes well with cheese. 

11755_-_square_seeded_roll_fb_600x600 11801__sandwich_ciabatta_600x600

Square Seeded Roll

Sandwich Ciabatta


What bread to eat with MEAT?

The first thing to do is to determine what type of meat you want to accompany.

In the case of red meat, sourdough bread is recommended.If you have white meat or poultry, accompany them with sesame bread or cereal bread.

11315_-_sourdough_baby_baguette_100g_600x600 11903_-_sourdough_loaf_cafe_style_600x600_1302957919 11125_-_sourdough_baguette_310g_600x600

Sourdough Baby
Baguette (Artisan)

Sourdough White Loaf
(Café Style)

Sourdough Baguette


What bread to eat with FISH?

Fish and seafood go hand in hand with the well-rounded rye bread, which highlights the iodine flavours.

However, be careful not to choose a rye bread too strong, whose taste of rye eclipses the flavours of fish. 

11913_sourdoughryeloaf 11415_-_dinner_mixed_roll_x_3_rye_spinach_herb__garlic_600x600
Rye Loaf 
(Cafe Style) Sliced
Gourmet Mixed Rolls x 3
(Rye/Spinach/Herbs & Garlic)



With what do you eat traditional BAGUETTE?

The traditional baguette can be associated with any dish, as it is soft and neutral.

"Special" breads usually accompany dishes with a stronger flavour. For all the others, the baguette will do the job. It is also suitable for certain particular foods, such as foie gras or poultry.

11315_-_sourdough_baby_baguette_100g_600x600 11153a_-_baguette_demi_white_fb_600x600 baguette_full_baked_2_600x600

Baguette White
Fully Baked

Baguette Demi White
(Half Baguette)

Baguette White
Fully Baked






Bakers Maison is a specialist manufacturer of frozen French-style breads, pastries, and sweets available as fully baked, par-baked, ready to bake and ready to prove. The company uses traditional French recipes using natural, mostly Australian ingredients and contain no added sugar or preservatives.


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16th June 2020

Bakers Maison : Breads & Baguettes

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