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Chanrol Environmentally Friendly Range

In recent times, the importance of having access to high quality, locally manufactured food packaging solutions has come to the fore.

As the Foodservice industry adapts to comply with new “social distancing” regulations, Chanrol continues to provide reliable, premium quality solutions for all takeaway meals.

With the emphasis on a cleaner planet, reducing waste to landfill, and protection of our waterways and marine life, there is a clear need for products with a reduced environmental impact.

Chanrol began forward planning some years ago in anticipation of a greater demand for environmentally friendly products by the foodservice market, and we are proud to supply a range of products that are either biodegradable, oxo degradable or compostable. See the editorial picture above showing a snapshot of some of these products.

Chanrol’s environmentally friendly product range includes products made from paper pulp, sugar cane pulp, and corn starch. Additionally, our range of plastic products includes those with a bio masterbatch added during manufacture to assist in the breakdown of the product into biomass in landfill.

Our range of plastic disposable containers, plates and cups are embossed with international standard resin identification codes as indicated below to facilitate kerbside recycling of our products and minimize waste to landfill. 

Chanrol Environmentally Friendly Range Chanrol Environmentally Friendly Range Chanrol Environmentally Friendly Range
Polyethylene Terephthalate Polypropylene General Purpose Polystyrene


A small cross section of our products with these embossed codes are seen in the editorial picture below:

Chanrol Environmentally Friendly Range

As a leading Australian manufacturer and importer of disposable food service packaging, Chanrol prioritises both high quality and environmental accountability in the packaging solutions we provide.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of products and download any relevant product specifications & certificates.



25th June 2020

Chanrol : Disposable Food Packaging

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