Thaw, create and bake with Letizza pizza bases!

Letizza Pizza Bases

Hand made to an authentic Italian recipe, using premium ingredients, Letizza pizza bases enhances the flavour of whatever you put on top!

Available in both classic and thin, comprehensive range of sizes from 2” to 14.5”.

Letizza Vegan Pizza Bases

Thaw, Create and Bake!!


Letizza is versatile

  • It makes an appealing appetiser, a hearty entree, or even a tempting dessert.
  • Topping suggestions: Please visit
  • It enhances the flavour of whatever you put on top.

Letizza is convenient

  • It’s easy to prepare.
  • It’s quick and easy to serve. Only 5-8 minutes of baking time at 220ºC.
  • It’s fast thawing from frozen.

Letizza MEANS quality

  • It’s made with premium ingredients. Olive oil, garlic, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.
  • You can bake and eat without any topping
  • There’s nothing easier than a pre-baked pizza base.




Try these pizza bases for yourself today! 
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Letizza is dedicated to creating the very best foodservice frozen pizza bases in all sizes, dough balls, gluten free pizza bases and piadinas. Letizza Bakery is an Australian owned business operating from HACCP accredited premises in Smithfield NSW.   



11th February 2020

Letizza Pizza Bases

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