Cost-efficient, high quality industrial laundry system for Hilton Cairns

“Having a partner like Richard Jay involved in the process quickly showed me that this was a great decision
that we made, and something that I’d recommend for anybody to do.”

The words of Garry Marsh, Asset Manager at BG Hotels – the group that owns Hilton Cairns, where Richard Jay designed & installed a range of Electrolux professional washers, dryers, towel folders and ironer along with our revolutionary, sustainable and energy-efficient ReNew Ozone system.

Designed specifically for hospitality providers, the ReNew Ozone laundry system harnesses the power of ozone in a sustainable cleaning method that conserves natural resources while delivering high quality, cost efficient results. Using fast wash cycles and mostly cold water, the system substantially reduces a business’ utility bills whilst also lessening their carbon footprint. 


Benefits of the ReNew Ozone system include:

  • 99.9% of dangerous micro-organisms are killed in every wash
  • it uses unique ozone power, which is 50 times as powerful and over 3000 times faster-acting than chlorine bleach
  • linen fibres are opened, allowing for the easy removal of dirt and bacteria
  • energy usage is reduced
  • it offers a shorter cycle duration and 20% faster drying time 
  • it’s environmentally friendly
  • the system can be retro-fitted to an existing laundry set-up or included in a completely new installation.


“The experience with Richard Jay has been fantastic from the beginning right through to the end”, says Garry. “We chose to use Richard Jay ReNew Ozone, and what we’ve found since we’ve installed it is that there’s not only substantial savings in chemicals, but the outcome – the quality of the product we get as a result – is far better.”  

The work Richard Jay undertook at Hilton Cairns was so successful the laundry now services two hotels and is outsourced to the Cairns Convention Centre, creating a secondary revenue stream.



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16th January 2020 

Richard Jay : Commercial Laundry, Warewashing and Chemical Dispensing

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