Celebrate the holidays with bite sized gourmet pizzas!

Letizza 2

Perfect for an entrée or appetiser,
great for functions and events

The flavour is baked into the base,
so minimal topping is required


Letizza is versatile

  • It makes an appealing appetiser, a hearty entree, or even a tempting dessert.
  • Topping suggestions: Please visit www.letizza.com.au
  • It enhances the flavour of whatever you put on top.

Letizza is convenient

  • It’s easy to prepare.
  • It’s quick and easy to serve. Only 5-8 minutes of baking time at 220ºC.
  • It’s fast thawing from frozen.

Letizza MEANS quality

  • It’s made with premium ingredients. Olive oil, garlic, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.
  • You can bake and eat without any topping
  • There’s nothing easier than a pre-baked pizza base.



28th November 2019

Letizza Pizza Bases

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