[Video] Deep Frying Masterclass: The do's and don'ts of frying

Peerless Foodservice - Deep Frying Masterclass

In line with their position as the industry oil experts, Peerless Foodservice, in conjunction with the William Angliss Institute’s Centre for Food Trades and Culinary Arts, have specially developed 6 deep-frying video Masterclasses for Food Service Professionals.

These videos presented by William Angliss educators aim to assist chefs to maximise the quality of their food by understanding issues with frying oils.

Topics include choosing the right oil temperature, how to prepare food for deep frying, how to operate your deep fryer efficiently, the do’s and dont’s of frying, and how to fry perfect chips.


MASTERCLASS: The Do's and Don'ts of Frying

Presented by Freddy Bosshard - William Angliss Institute



Peerless Foodservice - Deep Frying Masterclass

You can access these Deep Frying Masterclasses for free from the Peerless Foodservice website. 

Alternatively, you can obtain a free DVD copy via the website ‘Contact’ page or from a Peerless Foodservice account manager.

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26th November 2019

Peerless Foods : Oils, Spreads & EOI Bakery

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