Engineering the future of coffee grinding

Although most cafés know how much coffee they go through, countless pounds are lost due to retention, purging the grinder in between grind adjustments. 

Mazzer looked closely at what baristas and busy cafés needed and introduces 2 new grinders which reduces coffee retention by 52%:

Mazzer Kold S from Coffee Works Express

Mazzer Robur S from Coffee Works Express

Kold S

Kold S is built following a cool, sleek and forward looking design, conceived for high volume coffee shops.

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Robur S

Robur S combines a high level of usability with superior performance responding to the needs of a busy café.

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CWE - Mazzer Grinders

Available from Coffee Works Express



17th October 2019

Coffee Works Express : Espresso Machines, Roasters & Grinders

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