The new BIG MIND.Maps™ Combi Oven

The UNOX MIND.Maps™ BIG ovens are the highest performing tools inside your professional kitchen. Guaranteeing the highest level of baking results and simultaneously increasing your savings in terms of time, energy and labour. 

UNOX BIG MIND.Maps™ Combi Oven

The MIND.Maps™ BIG models hit a new benchmark in terms of power, cooking performances, ergonomics, design, reliability and aesthetic improvements that make them the undisputed performance leader in their category. The ovens heating element has been redesigned, changing its circular shape to being the first with a symmetric cooking chamber, to uniformly radiate heat throughout the oven. We also increased the diameter of the extraction pipe from 16 mm to 20 mm to increase the extraction speed by 88%, reducing the time required to emptying the cooking chamber by 50%.

In fact, the new BIG MIND.Maps™ combi oven is equipped with a 6-motor cooking chamber, vertical heating elements, new launching door, new (and stronger) design and updated Data Driven Cooking technology, that assists foodservice professionals who think BIG.

The ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ technology transforms your oven into an intelligent tool capable of interpreting your settings and understanding your desired result. Using its sensors, the MIND.Maps™ combi ovens registers changes in temperature, estimates the amount of food actually being cooked, and automatically adjusts the baking process by tweaking the time and temperature as needed, guaranteeing you perfect, identical results with every batch. Textbook results, no matter what the conditions. LONG.Life4 Extended Warranty available.  Optional guarantee on spare parts for up to 4 years/10,000 hours*

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16th July 2019

UNOX : Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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