10 things you can do right now to go green

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Going green means caring for the environment by making a deliberate effort to be part of the change. It is about limiting your footprint on the environment and also encouraging others to follow your example. However, note that going green is not limited to recycling, but living a sustainable lifestyle. Going green is about making small adjustments in your daily life to achieve this goal.

Many do not understand the seriousness of the problem or do not understand how to contribute. It is important to keep practising and reaching out, whether this encourages to recycle more diligently or choose to install renewables such as solar panels.


Here are 10 things you can do to go green and make a difference right now:

As human beings, we make daily choices that impact the environment, the climate, and other species. We have the power to decide what we eat and the kind of car to use. We can engage in the following activities to maintain a greener environment.

  1. Buy more locally grown products
  2. Buy recyclable products
  3. Help with some environmental projects that you love
  4. Drive less; drive green, e.g. taking a bicycle ride instead of a car or getting a ride with someone who’s going to the same place
  5. Consider using renewable energy
  6. Start a green program within your community: clean the beach, your neighbourhood roads, educate those around you about best practices.
  7. Use your voice and vote for environment-friendly initiatives, e.g. wildlife protection and tree planting
  8. Stop Littering
  9. Conserve water
  10. Increase your awareness of resources

It all starts with taking that first step.


Part of Bakers Maison’s Environmental Policy continues to encourage all staff to work in ways that reduce their environmental footprint by adopting waste reducing practices, using eco-friendly materials. Bakers Maison also strives by promoting employee’s external efforts.

Bakers Maison encourage staff at all levels to write down their name and share what simple, creative and adaptable task they do in their daily lives to care for the environment.



11th June 2019

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