How Your POS System Impacts on the Customer Experience

Uniwell - How Your POS System Impacts on the Customer Experience

In the modern world of hospitality, attracting new customers is undoubtedly important, but developing them into advocates is critical.

It’s no longer enough to consider whether a diner will consider returning to your venue, but also whether they are motivated enough to recommend you to others, either personally or via online endorsement.

So much effort goes into securing new patrons, both in how your venue is set up and also in marketing and promotions. And obviously some of the key factors that impact on customer satisfaction include the quality and range of the menu being offered, whether the staff are friendly and responsive, and that the venue has the desired atmosphere.

But did you know that your business infrastructure, including your POS system, can impact on whether your new potential supporter has a positive experience or not?

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Efficient Order Entry

Your POS system can help improve the level of detail and the accuracy of orders that are received by counter and wait staff. Defining available meal options, recording special requests and communicating these quickly to the barista, bar staff and kitchen all work toward ensuring that the correct order is produced and delivered promptly – an obvious positive step toward customer satisfaction. 

An Effective Promotional Tool

Interaction with the customer at the time that they place their order is the ideal opportunity to boost the sale or promote your business further. Your POS terminal is an important aid in this exchange, whether it be by automatically triggering applicable promotions, prompting staff with appropriate upselling options, or displaying specials and available options prominently on a customer display.

A Smooth Payment Experience

One of the last interactions you will have with your customer is the payment process. The modern diner expects this to be an efficient, convenient experience, and your POS terminal plays a major role in how this plays out. From recalling an itemised bill from a table through to splitting payments and integrated EFTPOS, the easier this process is, the more likely your customer will leave with a smile on their face.


An effective point of sale system enables your hospitality operation to run like a well-oiled machine, which has the flow-on effect of a calmer working environment that allows staff to be more attentive to customer needs.  All of this has a positive impact on the atmosphere of your venue. So while we wouldn’t be so bold as to say that your POS system is the ‘make or break’ of customer satisfaction, it does make a tangible difference. 

Along with the other benefits that a quality point of sale solution offers in relation to business management, it’s definitely worth remembering that the efficiency and professionalism it adds to your venue has a significant say in whether the first visit of a new customer will also be the last, or just one of many.



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2nd May 2019

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