6 ways to grow your B2B business with content

Bartercard - Ways to grow your B2B Business with Content

Creating brand awareness is key when it comes to building a business and there are some simple steps which can be taken to create this.

1. Write a blog

Posting regular content on your website blog will not only help build your brand, it’ll help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  However, ensure your content is on trend and relates to your audience. Keep content consistent too and promote your blog on your social media platforms.

2. Get on LinkedIn

There’s no better platform for B2B than LinkedIn. Spend time viewing the profiles of people who might be interested in your services. Many LinkedIn members regularly check to see who’s been viewing their profile, so at least some will take a look at your profile to see who you are in return.  And every time someone does that, you’ve just made another person or company ‘aware’ of your brand.

3. Create content to share

Consider creating a downloadable white paper or eBook, or a template or checklist that your prospective clients will value. You can set up your website to capture email addresses and grow your database as people sign up to receive each item.

4. Stay in touch

Once you’ve grown your database, stay in touch – send regular newsletters filled with interesting or helpful tips. The arrival of a newsletter often prompts or reminds people to place an order, and at the very least, you’re keeping your brand name alive in their mind.

5. Create press releases

If you win a business award or secure an important contract, why not share it.  Stories about your business create brand awareness. The key is to a) ensure that your announcement is truly newsworthy, even if that’s only on a local level, b) create a professional press release and c) arrange for it to be distributed to an appropriate media list.

6. Create branded videos or infographics

Videos and infographics are very shareable and can keep working for you long after you’ve created them. Present a solution to a common problem your market has and establish credibility and gain trust in the process.


For Bartercard members, utilising member services that can help you to build brand awareness and market your business is one of the most effective ways to spend your trade dollars.



9th April 2019

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