Asado Parilla Grill

A growing trend in commercial kitchens is a preference towards more traditional ways of cooking with solid fuels instead of gas/electric where the flavour of charcoal is the influence on the styles of food presented.

Stoddart has released the Asado Parilla Grill as part of their new range to fit into the most used line-ups in modern commercial kitchens.

The adjustable Asado grill allows for produce to be cooked or smoked as close to the flame as required, creating an entirely new cooking experience.

Combining the Asado with a fully compliant Halton Mist on Demand exhaust hood will efficiently and effectively deal with the solid fuel to respective Australian Standards.

Asado Parilla Grill

(800mm wide)

Asado Parilla Grill
(1200mm wide)


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19th March 2019


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