Glossy shiny shoes in less than 10 seconds

Shoe Shine - Cosmo Plus

Beautiful glossy shiny shoes in less than 10 seconds using the commercial grade Cosmo Plus shoe shine machine.

Shoe Shine - Cosmo Plus   

Presentation is so important for front line staff, so imagine them looking their best at all times.

The Cosmo Plus is manufactured in Germany from cast aluminium and comes with a powerful silent induction motor and an ergonomic stainless-steel handle.

In fact the handle bar provides a secure hold whilst activating the machine by depressing the top for easy operation.

In addition, brushes are also of the highest quality with 100% genuine horse hair which is gentle on soft leather (pre-clean brush only) and 100% soft woollen for the polishing brushes (dark and light for different coloured shoes).

Lastly the large polish dispensers hold enough polish for years for continuous hassle-free use. 


If you want the No.1 selling shoe polisher in Australia and the world – Order the Cosmo Plus!


60 cm x 42 cm x 95 cm
length x depth x height

Polish dispenser:
0.75 l with ball valve

ø 13 x 7 cm
diameter x width

16 kg net, 20 kg gross

on the bar

Power supply:
230 volt
130 watt, 1200 rpm


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27th February 2020

Shoe Shine

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