The Letizza Piadina, thin folded Italian flatbread now available in more sizes!

Letizza Piadina

Letizza Bakery is dedicated to creating the very best foodservice frozen pizza bases in sizes to meet customer and foodservice needs.

Our newest product is the Letizza Piadina, thin folded Italian bread.

The 7” Piadina has been on the market for about a year, we have recently launched the 9” Piadina, the range continues to grow. 

The thin Piadina plays homage to its Romagna origins in flavour, texture and size. Letizza Piadina Italian Flatbread is perfect for Vegetarian, Italian, Mediterranean cuisines; just add cured meats, salad greens, vegetables, roasted meats, and cheeses.

The Letizza Piadina allows you to serve unique, signature sandwiches and increase menu differentiation and customer satisfaction. Letizza Piadina Italian Flatbread is handcrafted to a traditional recipe, with the finest ingredients for consistent results, quality texture and an authentic taste.

  • Convenient & Cost Effective
  • Frozen and conveniently packaged for easy use
  • Available in two sizes - 7” and 9” diameter
  • Simply thaw, fill, toast and melt the cheese
  • Reduces ingredient, prep time and labour costs
  • Pre-portioned size reduces wastage


See below recipe suggestions:

Letizza Piadina Letizza Piadina

Chargrilled Vegetarian

Prosciutto & Bocconcini Piadina


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11th July 2019

Letizza Pizza Bases

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