TASKISUM – Single Use Microfibre

Does your environment demand hygienic cleaning that only microfibre can offer, but do you find it hard to organise the necessary laundry around that? 

Diversey, a specialist in microfibre has always been committed to developing new and better ways of cleaning. We were among the first to bring a pre-wetted microfibre cleaning system to the market and after 10 years in use, we have extensive experience working with customers who require excellent results, high productivity and maximum hygiene security.

TASKISUM Single Use microfibre cloths and mops will give even more customers access to all of the benefits of microfibre without the need for laundry facilities.

Constructed from 100% microfibre disposable TASKISUM provide superior cleaning performance and validated microbial removal to give clean and hygienic surfaces and prevent cross contamination in critical hygiene areas.

TASKISUM Single Use Microfibre cloths and mops add up.

100% Microfibre

The fibres in microfibre are incredibly thin: 1/100th of the size of a human hair. That is smaller than most bacteria or dust particles. This allows them to trap and collect dirt and bacterial more effectively than regular fibres.

>99% of bacteria removal including C. Diff

TASKISUM microfibre is proven to remove over 99% of bacteria, compared to 30% with traditional cotton fibre.

Superior Hygiene

TASKISUM’s outstanding performance will give you peace of mind, providing a safe and healthy place for guests as well as staff and public.

Excellent Cleaning

Cloths feel comfortable in hand and with low friction mops are easy to use. Both provide excellent cleaning results, similar to that of launderable microfibre.

High Surface Coverage

Our cloths will completely cover one room or one bathroom. Our mops will cover up to 20 m2, which is amongst the highest performance and coverage in the market.  

TASKISUM can be used damp or dry, and is compatible with the TASKI trolley accessories including the TASKI preparation jug, TASKI cloth and mop boxes, TASKI mop frame and handle.

TASKISUM Single Use. Multi Benefit

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1 May 2018


Diversey Australia

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