Four Key Reasons to Consider an Integrated POS Solution by Uniwell

In the search for a suitable point of sale system for your hospitality or food retail venue, you’ve likely come across dozens of options.  So how do you make an informed choice? 

What should you look for in order to find a POS solution that truly helps you manage your café, restaurant, bar or bistro? 

Let’s review 4 key areas that make Uniwell4POS solutions worthy of your consideration:

1. Increased Operational Efficiency

As the centrepiece of your front-counter, your POS terminal needs to be a ‘workhorse’. Wait staff need to be able to enter customer orders into your system quickly and easily, ensuring speedy service. Accuracy is also important, so your point of sale terminal can’t be so complicated that it becomes an unnecessary burden on staff to enter the necessary details. The POS also needs to be robust – constantly in use by different staff with varying levels of experience, not just for a week or a month, but hopefully for years.

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2. Reduce Staff Errors & Retail Shrinkage

Your hospitality venue will be an ever-changing organism. Menu items and options will change, cost and selling prices will go up and down based on market forces, and available products will come and go. As you refine your business, you need your hospitality POS to be easily adapted to suit. This ensures that staff have the latest products, pricing and options at their disposal, reducing confusion and errors. 

For further details, check out How Uniwell4POS Helps Control Retail Shrinkage on the Uniwell Direct website.


3. Detailed Reports Improve Management Methods

Most POS systems come with back-office reporting software.  This vital component of the integrated POS solution allows management to keep their ‘finger on the pulse’ of the business.  Accessing relevant historical data assists logical decision making, allowing you to look for trends in your operation that provide tangible evidence of what you and your staff are doing well, in addition to demonstrating where there may be opportunities to improve.   The better the reporting facility linked to your POS is, the greater your chances are of success. 

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4. Create, Control & Analyse Promotional Opportunities 

Your sales data may also help you to discern where you could increase venue income through the use of promotions.  As an example, your reports may indicate a generally quiet day, or part of a day, that could benefit from advertising a special offer for that period, such as a ‘happy hour’.  Additionally, if you notice a drop in your customer’s average spend, you may be able to find incentives to improve that figure and boost revenue without necessarily increasing patron numbers.  Your venue is never static – you can always look for new opportunities to promote your business, knowing that you have a POS system that can work with you.

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Every hospitality operator wants a vibrant venue and happy customers, and your Point of Sale system is a key component in your overall strategy.  Uniwell4POS tailored solutions are definitely worth considering as they provide tangible benefits to your operation and actively promote ongoing success.

March 6th 2018.

Uniwell POS Australia

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