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There once was a time when the role of a cash register was to securely store money and tally up the sales total at the end of the day. And while, for many small businesses, this remains as a major priority of their Point of Sale equipment, it is worth considering some of the other basic advantages that can be gained by having a well set up, integrated POS system. Consider these 10 key benefits:

  1. Tighter control on pricing

  2. Saves time and reduces staff sale-entry errors

  3. No bits of paper going missing

  4. Order accuracy improves barista and kitchen efficiency

  5. Detailed table bill tracking

  6. Accurate historical sales reports for improved analysis

  7. Provides automated promotional and loyalty opportunities

  8. Allows evaluation of staff performance and increased security

  9. Enhances customer perception of your business

  10. Your POS can be an active income generator

Uniwell POS Australia implements high quality, purpose built touch screen POS systems for all kinds of hospitality and food retail environments through Australia. If you would like to know more about how a Uniwell4POS system can help you improve your business, please contact us on 1300 864 935, or visit our website – uniwell.net.au

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September  21st 2017


Uniwell POS Australia

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