Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic Sunflower Oil

Pura Sun Ultra Oil

Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic Sunflower Oil from Peerless Foodservice is superior quality 100% high oleic sunflower oil that is distinguished from other oils by its impressive multi-purpose use and outstanding, cost-effective long fry life.

It can be used for a myriad of frying purposes including both shallow and deep frying.

Not only that, its neutral taste allows the natural flavours of food to shine through, making it ideal for culinary use in dressings, marinades, mayonnaise and sauces.

Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic Sunflower Oil is a healthier choice with low saturated fat and high mono-unsaturated fat and is also Halal certified.

Available in 20 litre tins, Pura Sun Ultra Hi-Oleic Sunflower Oil represents excellence in versatility and fry life, as well as value for money.

For further information about Sun Ultra or for Sun Ultra recipes, contact Peerless Foodservice on 1800 986 499 or visit www.peerlessfoodservice.com.au

Prawn Spring Salad

May 2nd 2017


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