Gold Leaf heavy duty deep frying oil

Peerless Gold Leaf Fish and Chips

Gold leaf is a tallow-based heavy duty deep frying oil that is exceptional value for money. It has a high smoke point which seals food faster, guaranteeing taste and crispiness fry after fry.

The Gold Leaf range now contains antifoam, so with an even longer fry life you’ll be purchasing and changing your oil less frequently. This means not only do you save on oil costs, you’ll save on labour too. Gold Leaf is now available in different sizes tailored to your foodservice requirements.


Peerless Gold Leaf Deep Frying Oil


The convenient pack sizes include:

  • 25kg carton
  • 20kg pail (easy to lift)
  • 12.5 or 15kg carton


For further information about Gold Leaf, contact Peerless Foods on 1800 986 499 or visit:


July 7th 2016


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