Premium vegetable deep frying oils that won’t break the bank!

Finally, a choice of premium vegetable deep frying oils that won’t break the bank!

Fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite deep frying oils, Fry-Ola Premium from MOI International is made from specially selected high quality raw material. With a neutral flavour and aroma, this heavy duty semi solid/liquid will allow your customer to taste the food and not the oil, as only premium deep frying oil can.

Fry-Ola leaves no gum build up on your fryer, which means no messy scraping of gum every time you clean your fryer.

Fry-Ola Gold is the strongest, most robust deep frying oil in the MOI International range.

Formulated to match the drying strength of premium tallow bases oils, Fry-Ola Gold is a fantastic vegetable alternative.

As with Fry-Old Premium, Fry-Old Gold leave no gum build up and has a neutral flavour and aroma.

Fry-Ola Premium is available in 20L open top metal tins or the easy to recycle 20L Bag in Box.

Fry-Ola Gold is available in 15kg cartons.


 13th February 2020

MOI International (Aust) Pty Ltd

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