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Restaurants, pubs and cafes to comply with country-of-origin seafood labelling standards

New food labelling laws now require pubs, cafes and restaurants to label the origin of the fish on their menus.

The country-of-origin seafood labelling standards garnered a unanimous in favour vote from Australia’s Consumer and Business Affairs Ministers.

The new Australian consumer rules will enable diners to see where the seafood they order comes from. In other words. Whether the fish is local or imported from overseas.

An information standard will now be rolled out in accordance with the decision over the next 12 months.

There was some pushback from eatery owners with regard to how they would update menus. However, the general nature of the labelling into three categories: Australian, imported and mixed, will make it easier for owners to comply.

Pubs, cafes and restaurants now have 12 months to phase in the labelling requirements, however many high-end restaurants and more popular venues already list origin as a selling point.

After the 12-month grace period, penalties will apply to non-compliant venues under consumer law.



Jonathan Jackson, 27th November 2023