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Footy legends invest in Rockhampton pub

Rockhampton pub Heritage Hotel could attract a whole new fan base of footy tragic, following a large investment by a group of high-profile footy legends.

The investment into the 126-year-old Central Queensland hotel is set to be purchased by former sports legends Gorden Tallis, fifth-generation publican Nick Gregorski, Mark Knowles and Scott Prince.

The current owner is also looking for expressions of interest (EoI) from the average punter.

Former World Cup touch player and Rockhampton businessman Gavin Shuker is offering people the chance to buy a “brick” in the riverfront hotel.

Interested parties can buy a brick for $5,000 a piece; there are 1250 bricks up for grabs at what Shukar has labelled The Heritage People’s Pub.

“Everyone dreams about owning a pub,” Shuker said.

“It would be great to have The Heritage stay as a private corporation rather than a big conglomerate and stay local.”

Shukar has been contemplating local buy in for some time.

“I’ve always had people ask me if I ever do something, they would like to be in it,” he told The Courier Mail.

“It was something a little bit different that I thought would work up here.”

To attract the locals, he approached a few sports stars.

“The people I approached, the main criteria is they had to be good people, all of them are great people, they bring different skill sets,” he said.

“We have a local with Mark Knowles, Gorko (Nick Gregorski) has business experience with pubs, the most successful pub in Brisbane, Gorden Tallis and Scotty Prince, Queensland legends.

“They are all country people, whether they live in the city or not now, they all grew up in the country.”

Shukar is now considering interest from parties in New Zealand, South Australia, Sydney after being inundated with expressions of interest.

He is aiming to close the EoI in the next few weeks with an eye to launching the pub with its new investors in mid-December.

“To say you own a pub and walk in there and have a beer … I’m so excited,” Tallis told The Morning Bulletin.

“I really love the people of Rockhampton and can’t wait to meet everyone and have a beer.”

“It’s always been in the back of my mind to own a pub,” he said.

“I think it’s the right time, the timing couldn’t be better, and some of the guys in there … Nick Gregorski … everyone he touches has a good flavour to it.”

Pub-goers can expect to see Tallis and the other legends at the bar on the odd occasion.


Jonathan Jackson, 23rd November 2023