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A customer fights for life and a staff member falls into a coma after a restaurant explosion rocks Sydney’s west

An explosion at a restaurant in Sydney’s west has left a man fighting for life. 

The explosion happened around 10pm on Wednesday 22 June while customers were in the bar at the On Sunset Lebanese restaurant on River Road in Parramatta.

A staff member has been left in a coma. 

The 23-year-old man was standing near the blast and suffered severe burns to his face, chest and arms. 

Colleagues helped the man by holding him under the automatic water sprinklers until paramedics arrived.

"This patient was in significant pain when we arrived after having suffered burns to around 30 per cent of his body," NSW Ambulance Inspector Brian Parsell said.

"Burns that involve the head, neck and chest have the potential to threaten a patient's airway so it was crucial that we transport the patient to the hospital in a timely manner. 

“We were able to stabilise the patient and placed him into an induced coma at the scene before transporting him to Concord Hospital for further care."

Forensic police and fire investigators attended the restaurant to investigate the incident. 

A cleaning agent spread over the floor of the restaurant that ignited when a dishwasher was turned on is the believed causes of the explosion. 

"A flammable liquid was laid down to clean the bar and run the length of the bar so the fire explosion was around about the length of the bar, which was a significant fire," Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Andrew Shurety said.

The business and its cleaning practices will be investigated by Safework NSW.




Irit Jackson, 23rd June 2022