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Restaurant charges $1 for single lettuce leaf as cost of vegetables soar

A Melbourne restaurant is charging $1 per lettuce leaf for san choy bow dishes, blaming the current cost of living for the high price.

Inflation has caused the price of iceberg lettuce and other vegetables to surge in recent weeks.

Journalist Jacqueline Felgate shared a photo of her receipt from the restaurant to her Instagram page.

Listed on the receipt was san choy bow at a cost of $18, plus $1 for a lettuce leaf cup which is a key ingredient in the meal. 

Felgate captioned her photo: 'Lettuce now being charged separately in some Melbourne restaurants’. 

Some social media users couldn't believe individual lettuce leaves were being sold, however others sympathised with the business owners. 

“Try buying lettuce or ginger at the supermarkets it's crazy. What's even crazier is that I bought ginger for $12 a kilo at Victoria market and Safeway has it over $30 per kg,” commented one person.  

“Not just Melbourne, Geelong too. Felt so sorry for the owner he was so apologetic. Hopefully people are nice and understanding, I'm sure they have copped enough over the last few years,” wrote another.

Other social media users commented on the total for the bill which was $386.50.  

“$1 on a $365 bill. Surprised they even noticed it. Reasonable, given the price of lettuce. No outrage here,” one person commented. 

“They can afford it, by the looks of the rest of the receipt,” another added.  




Irit Jackson, 21st June 2022