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Sydney to get Australia’s skinniest hotel

Designs for a new hotel in Sydney have been unveiled, showing what will be Australia’s skinniest skyscraper. 

The 'improbably narrow' Pencil Tower Hotel, that is proposed to be built at 410 Pitt Street, is 328ft high (100m), but is only 16.4ft (5m) wide. 

To stabilise the structure, a lot of concrete will be used, which will also minimise sway. 

The skyscraper is designed with 173 ‘compact’ hotel rooms with each floor housing six units. 

The units will have contemporary furnishings and a bright colour palette of peach and sunflower hues.  

The studio behind the design, Durbach Block Jaggers, released concept images that show how the tower will sit on a ‘podium building’ which will have a lobby, café and lounge. 

A shared use, walled courtyard garden is envisioned to overlook the street below.  

On the rooftop there is set to be a sundeck, swimming pool and a 'hammam' where guests can relax while enjoying the views. 

Durbach Block Jaggers told MailOnline Travel that construction would take 18 months to two years once they get the green light and will cost around AU$25million.

Currently, the Steinway Tower in New York City is the world's slimmest skyscraper which is 1,428ft (435m) high and 60ft (18m) wide.


Irit Jackson, 18th May 2022