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Death threats for Melbourne café owner for following COVID guidelines

A Melbourne café owner was shocked after arriving at his café to find a brick was thrown through the window and a note taped to the door of his business. 

Symeon Kandias, from Thornbury‘s Briki Cafe on Hutton Street found the note that read, “Do what Dan Andrews says and we will burn your shop down and kill you”.

Mr Kandias explained his predicament to 3AW radio saying, “The main window was all shattered, and there’s a massive, massive brick inside.

“The entrance door was all smashed up as well, and they left a lovely threatening note on the door, just to say what it’s all about.”

Mr Kandias said he was “not extreme either way” politically.

“I’m just doing what I’m expected to do and keeping everyone safe.”

Mr Kandias also spoke to Channel 9, saying he “freaked out” after discovering the note.

“Was it just a threat? Will they follow through? Are there people coming tonight to finish the job?” he asked.

Two other Thornbury businesses, GRK Greek Kitchen and Bar and the Thornbury Taphouse, were also targeted on Sunday night.

Victoria’s Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allen said the behaviour of the culprit was “just not on”.

“Resorting to violence and threats of violence simply because you are doing the right thing to protect yourself, your family, your customers, the community, that is simply unacceptable,” the Minister said.

“We have seen far too many examples of people threatening violence simply because people are making the choice to do the right thing.”

Victoria Police are investigating.




Irit Jackson, 30th November 2021