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Neil Perry’s daughter faces bankruptcy as ATO digs in heels over disputed debt

Neil Perry’s daughter is fighting off bankruptcy over a debt that she says has been paid off. 

Josephine Perry opened her first restaurant, Missy French, in Potts Point when she was 21 years old.

A year later the restaurant closed, with all the staff and creditors paid. The only money left owing was to the Australian Taxation Office.

Documents filed with ASIC claim Ms Perry’s company, of which she is the sole director and ­secretary, owes $135,815.

“It’s an absolutely ridiculous situation,” Neil Perry said on Monday. 

“She was 21 years old when she signed up with other ­investors and she has been left holding the bag and anyone who would punish that has got it all wrong.” 

According to the famous chef and his daughter the ATO debt had been settled.

Perry senior told The Daily Telegraph the amount owing in Bas of around $35,000 had been paid and the remainder was penalties that the ATO said did not need to be paid.

In 2019, the ATO appointed liquidator Richard Stone as it applied to have Ms Perry’s company 22 Rockwall Crescent wound up.

The liquidator issued Ms Perry with a bankruptcy notice.

The Federal Court extended the notice until a hearing on 23 November.



Irit Jackson, 23rd September 2021