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Brisbane Bronco suspended and fined for pub brawl

The NRL has fined 22 year old Kotoni Staggs $20,000, after a drunken incident in April at a Brisbane pub.

The Broncos player will also serve a two-match suspension.

Staggs was in good shape to return to play for the Broncos after an ACL injury he sustained at the end of last season, but now won’t play until at least round 16 due to his ban.

The incident at the pub led to him being accused of making unwelcomed advances towards a woman over the Easter long weekend.

The police conducted an investigation into the incident where CCTV footage was viewed, but have not charged Staggs. However, the NRL’s integrity unit said Staggs engaged in 'disreputable conduct'.

To make matters worse, he isn’t permitted to drink alcohol due to his rehabilitation program with the Broncos.

According to an NRL statement, "Staggs, who is now medically fit to play, must continue to complete education and personal rehabilitation programs over the next two weeks, to the satisfaction of the NRL, before being approved to return to the competition.

"Staggs has also been fined $20,000, of which a portion will be used to fund his rehabilitation and education programs.”

Staggs has promised to change his behaviour.

"It's really important for me to work hard at being a role model for all those kids who look up to me as an NRL player," he said.

"I understand that I have to set a better example and think about the consequences of my actions for myself, my family, my club and for the game of rugby league.

"I've made mistakes but I'm committed to making sure that my behaviour is something I can be proud of in the future."


Irit Jackson, 9th June 2021