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WA quarantine hotel guests must now pass 3 tests

A new COVID test on day 13 of quarantine has now been introduced in WA.

The test was introduced following the case of a maritime worker who tested negative days before his release, only to return a “moderately positive” test result hours after he was released from hotel quarantine.

It has come to light that previously positive COVID cases weren’t required to take another test at the time of their release.

“I learnt about that yesterday,” said WA Premier Mark McGowan.

Guests in hotel quarantine must now be tested on day one, five and thirteen.

As a further precaution, WA may decide to introduce a fourth test on day 17 for all overseas travellers.

“That’s an analysis we’re currently undertaking,” Mr McGowan said.

The man who arrived in Perth in May, returning from Columbia, returned a “moderately strong” test on Saturday and has returned to hotel quarantine. 

More tests are being carried out by health officials to determine if this case is a threat to residents, but they currently suspect it as a “shedder case” and WA health authorities don’t think he was infectious while in the community, when he visited a pharmacy, telephone store and hotel.

The man has previously been vaccinated against COVID-19 and does not have a variant of concern.


Irit Jackson, 8th June 2021