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Bendigo venues to use Facebook to attract much needed staff

A Facebook page has been set up in Bendigo, with the intention to link local job seekers with hospitality venues that have re-opened and are desperate for staff. 

Co-owner of award-winning restaurant Masons of Bendigo and member of the City of Greater Bendigo's gastronomy advisory committee, Sonia Anthony, launched the Facebook page in an effort to solve the serious staff shortage that has been present since lockdown has ended. 

The page has listings from a few well known Bendigo venues such as Hoo-gah, The Woodhouse, Percy and Percy and Ms Batterhams, just to name a few.

It also has pubs and bakeries from Elmore. 

Ms Anthony said there were many reasons for this shortage. 

"Venues were forced to close, or they were forced to cut their staff numbers, and people have moved to other industries or perhaps they're taking a bit more time off before thinking about getting back into work." 

Owner of El Gordo in Bendigo, Haley Aldred, started advertising a full-time supervisor role three weeks ago and has so far only received three applications.

"We thought we'd receive a lot more interest. We're one of many in Bendigo city looking for staff." 

The current JobSeeker rate was partially to blame according to Ms Aldred.

"People would just rather be sitting at home, getting paid JobSeeker, rather than getting out and getting a job," she said.




 Irit Jackson, 18th November 2020