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Could a $100 hospitality voucher turbocharge Victoria’s economy?

Following the success of NSW’s $500 million hospitality voucher scheme, the Victorian government is feeling the pressure to introduce its own tourism voucher program. 

The NSW scheme was introduced as a way to support struggling dining and entertainment sectors that were decimated by COVID-19.

Most other states around Australia already have similar schemes in place.

The City of Melbourne is also exploring ways to support hospitality businesses by introducing some type of independent voucher program. 

Restaurant & Catering Australia chief Wes Lambert labelled the NSW scheme as the “gold standard” for support across the country. 

“We would implore the Victorian government … to consider a similar scheme that would turbocharge the state’s recovery and get this iconic sector back on track,” he said.

“While grants and support are vital and the Victorian government has been generous so far, stimulating demand and boosting consumer confidence is the most important thing that can be done to ensure the viability of the Victorian hospitality sector in the short-to-medium term.” 

The $650 million Victorian proposal would see each household receiving a $100 voucher to use in the hospitality or tourism sector.

Chief executive of the Victoria Tourism Industry Council, Felicia Mariani said she was optimistic that any voucher scheme would help the tourism sector.

“There is a lot riding on this budget. The task has never been greater to rebuild Victoria and rebuild Victoria’s tourism industry,” Ms Mariani said.




 Irit Jackson, 18th November 2020