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Outdoor dining numbers to increase in NSW

Welcome changes to COVID restrictions are on their way for NSW hospitality businesses.

Those that are permitted to provide outdoor services, will soon be allowed to host more customers.

The current restriction allows one person per four square meters, but as of this Friday they will be allowed to host one person per two square meters. There will also be a maximum of 500 people permitted to be seated at outdoor events.

Electronic methods of gathering client information will be compulsory in order to help contact tracers. Businesses can use methods such as the QR code system to collect customer details.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, said the easing of restrictions “is a step in the right direction and it is happening in consultation with the business community.

“As we head into summer we want to take NSW from being inside to outside. We want to do more and can do more as we maintain the strong health response here in NSW.

“We’ve seen a reduction in employment between March and September in hospitality of around 14 per cent and in arts around 11 per cent.” 

Brad Hazzard, Health Minister said the easing of restrictions on the outdoor rule would make a great difference to the economy of NSW.

“There must be an organiser of these events and that organiser will have to make sure there’s a COVID-safe plan,” he said. 

“We expect with a COVID-safe plan we will be able to have up to 500 people really enjoying the outdoors.”




 Irit Jackson, 14th October 2020