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VIP Emus banned from Queensland pub

When you think about typical pub patrons, emus don’t necessarily come to mind – but don’t tell that to the emus!

After a spate of unruly behaviour, a pub in remote south-west Queensland had to put a ban on the large, flightless birds.

The Yaraka Hotel has now installed barricades at its entrance to try to keep the birds out.

These emus have become a tourist attraction in the town after hatching and being raised there. However, fame seems to have gone to their heads and they now expect VIP treatment at the local.

The emus recently figured out how to climb the steps to the pub, gaining entry into the pub and running amok.

Chris Gimblett, the hotel’s owner said, “We didn’t really want them becoming patrons in the hotel, because when they do get in here, they behave a bit badly.”

The emus have been causing havoc by stealing food and drinks and even car keys. 

Mr Gimblett also mentioned their unpleasant toileting habits, saying “That’s the biggest problem – because they do toilet quite frequently.” 

Rope barriers have been set up at the entrances. There are also signs requesting tourists to help in keeping the birds out.

The emus have been playing it smart and hanging around the ropes hoping they could sneak in unnoticed.

For the time being, the ropes seem to be effective.

Emu expert, Stephen Schmidt from Try It Emu Farm in Marburg, finds their behaviour normal as emus are known for going for easily available food.

“They’re like a chook … they’ll eat anything a chook will eat, basically,” he said. “Especially in the winter months, because there’s very little protein available.”

Mr Schmidt has warned that people need to take care around these birds as they can become quite aggressive, particularly during breeding season. 

“People have been killed by them. I’ve had them chase me up onto the top of the truck.”



Irit Jackson, 29th July 2020