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Border reopening to trigger domestic travel boom

Tourism leaders and hoteliers are forecasting a boom in domestic travel once state and territory borders reopen.

Speaking as part of an online webinar hosted by CBRE Hotels, hotel owner Dr Jerry Schwartz said he expects a boom in domestic travel once borders restrictions ease, with luxury hotels set to reap the most rewards as consumers look to spoil themselves after the lockdown.

“Ironically, it’s been the resorts that have been the least economical hotels that are now going to become the best hotels so my two resorts in the Blue Mountains and at the Hunter Valley, and then later on at the Gold Coast, I think those are the ones that are going to go best of all,” he said.

Tourism Australia chairman Bob East said that regional areas would also benefit from city dwellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

“The longer this goes on, the greater the desire to get out and explore our own backyard,” he said. “So I think regions can look positively to the domestic market.”




Sheridan Randall, 21st May 2020