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One star reviewer has tables turned by Townsville café owner

A Townsville cafe owner has returned fire after being on the receiving end of a one-star review on TripAdvisor backed up with a 1000 word tirade by a customer who was told to take his feet of a chair.

The customer complained about the “negative vibes” he got after being told to take his feet off a chair he was sitting cross legged in.

But the café owner shot back with a letter to the Townsville Bulletin that unloaded on the bad behaviour of many of her customers.

“I was called an ‘inconsiderate moron’ who ‘interrupted his peaceful visit to my establishment’,” she wrote.

“My question to society in general is how much is a business owner, and their staff, meant to put up with without being subjected to arguments about what the customer thinks they should be allowed to do?”

She went on to list all the things members of the public are guilty of including clipping their toenails in the café, putting chewing gum under the tables, blowing their noses and leaving the tissue behind, and coming in sweaty from a bike ride oo hike and sitting on the fabric chairs.

“Don’t get me started on the state that some people leave the toilets in!” she wrote.

“Every business owner tries to be as pleasant and reasonable as possible with every customer at all times and sometimes it is really hard.”


Sheridan Randall, 23rd October 2019