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Elwood’s Tennyson cafe reborn as Roy’s

A new café has opened in Elwood taking the place of local favourite Tennyson which closed down on May 13.

Roy’s “more traditional menu” replaces Tennyson’s failed South African menu, which combined with rising costs forced the owner Rory Walker to recalibrate.

Describing it as “more food for the masses”, café spokesperson Harry Butler told the Herald Sun the new menu will be “for the mums and workers and people who don’t want over-the-top stuff”.

“We’ve been really true to ourselves and wanted to reopen as a no-nonsense cafe,” Butler said.

“The food is still beautiful, the chefs are the same and we’ll be having things like chicken sandwiches and eggs Benedict.”

Butler said Tennyson's demise was a reminder to the locals to support small businesses.

“Lot of people are sad when things shut down, but you’ve gotta talk with your money otherwise these places will be lost for good,” he said.

“Small business is tough and getting tougher — support your locals, not only us, but Mr Tuppy, House of Bread and Pastries Elwood — the whole strip.”



Sheridan Randall, 24th May 2019