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‘Disgusted’ Gold Coast café owner hands out free coffee following Alabama abortion laws

A café on the Gold Coast has given away free coffee to women and will donate any profits from male purchases to an as yet unnamed charity.

Brodie Green, the owner of Burleigh coffee shop Seadog, said he was motivated to act after being “disgusted” about Alabama’s recent abortion law.

“I felt really disgusted about what happened at Alabama. The fact that women no longer have the right to choose, that contraception has been banned, and the only thing that is available is condoms,” he told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

He received a message from an online critic saying: “If women took the pill, and (kept) their legs together or said no there would be no abortions.”

Deciding that he couldn’t “fight fire with fire”, he opted to turn a negative into a positive.

“I (replied) ‘Because of you, we will be giving women free coffee this whole weekend’. Also all men who come into the cafe to pay for their coffee will be donating that whole amount directly to a charity.”

To date he has given away between 200-250 cups of coffee to women and made about $400 from men’s purchases which he will donate to charity.

“Although it might not seem like a lot, but we are a small business,” he said.

“Foodworks has donated all the milk, we have a local baker who donated all the baked goods.

“I encourage any other small or large businesses in the area and also Queensland to do the same thing. It makes a big difference in the community.”


20th May 2019