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Norris Industries – “Built to Last” commercial dish and glasswashers

Norris Industries has been providing anything from glasswashers to rack conveyors, plus a large range of specialised machines for over 60 years.We always strive to meet the key needs of the hospitality industry and our focus has always been built-to-last, reliable machines with lower energy consumption, three important things to any good hospitality operator.

With energy prices spiraling, saving time, power and money whilst reducing stress, slow-downs and breakdowns seems an impossible dream.Commercial kitchens use a lot of hot water and electricity – but what if you could connect your dishwasher to COLD WATER?

Norris Industries has developed our new AP “Fast Response” series specifically to address these woes. Busy operators now have the possibility to get rid of their hot water service and save over $1,000 a year in power!* This is an innovation we’re truly excited to bring to busy kitchens all over Australia.

Along with the usual Norris built-to last qualities, this range is lightning fast (back to back one minute cycles), efficient on power (only uses energy it needs) and only needs connecting to COLD WATER.

Once it’s operational, it is always ready and your kitchen crew will NEVER run out of hot water for the dishwasher again. 

It works anywhere with electricity, cold water and a drain. We say nothing cleans better or faster, with less stress on the hot water supply and on kitchen staff (and the budget!), than the new Norris AP “Fast Response” series.

All Norris machines are hand made with the best, most durable internal components in the market and manufactured in Caves Beach, NSW. Our entire range is designed to benefit both small and large kitchens, so everyone can reap the power and efficiency savings.


Commercial Dishwashers - Connect to Cold Water and Save!

Made tough in our factory in Caves Beach NSW, the AP “Fast Response” series will change the way you look at dishwashers! The Norris Fast Response operating series has been developed to overcome the pain caused by high power costs and restricted hot water availability. All the machines in the range are lightning fast (back to back 1 min cycl...

Commercial Glass Washers

Many of us have experienced the disappointment of being on the receiving end of a dirty glass or cutlery at a restaurant, cafe or our favourite drinking hole. Although never intentional, handing a customer a dirty, stained or foggy glass will be an instant turn-off for your customer and the consequences can be rather brutal. Experienced operators ...

Underbench Washers

Today’s busy kitchens battle with an enormous volume of washing daily. At Norris, we realise that space is a valuable commodity in many of today’s kitchens. Our range reflects the affordability and space savings needed for today’s modern workplace. Our under-bench/under-counter dishwashers are designed and developed to combat dirty dishes an...

Upright Dishwashers

Designed specifically for Australian conditions, our passthrough dishwashers meet the strict regulatory requirements for temperature control and hygiene. Ruggedly built, yet elegantly finished, our passthrough dishwashers are made from durable high-grade polished stainless steel designed to meet the demands of any kitchen or kitchen hand, performi...

Pot Washers & Rack Conveyors

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Fixed Price Machine Packages

All our dishwashers are backed up with the famous Norris warranty While we have total confidence in the quality of our products, for extra peace of mind, we offer a 2-year parts and labour warranty on all our Australian dish washers, and a 1-year parts and labour warranty on our imported machines. Our products are sold through our nationwide netw...

Norris Industries

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