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Mars Foodservices, is the Foodservice division of Mars, Incorporated that specialise in meeting the needs of Foodservice professionals.

We aim to assist the Australian Foodservice professional, deliver the highest quality meal to the demanding Australian consumer. With more than 96% of our products developed, tested, and manufactured locally, they not only get to the kitchen with less distance, but they are specifically tailored to the palate of the Australian consumer.

We understand that quality ingredients are the key to a quality meal. Our goal is to deliver that quality through inspiring solutions that combine superior taste and performance, with ease of preparation. We understand the needs of today’s foodservice professional.

No matter, what channel your business operates, or what level of experience you have, Mars Foodservices will have products to both inspire you, and delight our consumers.

Our Brands


MasterFoods® offers over 200 products in categories as diverse as Mustards, Recipe Bases, Marinades, Relishes, Sauces, Herbs & Spices, and more. Visit the MasterFoods® website at and stay up to date on new products releases, news, and great cooking tips. Our aim is to help Aussie consumers create more flavourful meals so with MasterFoods®, you’ve got the recipe to create just about anything. And why would you just cook, when you can create?


The makers of Dolmio® understand that meals shared with family and friends become precious memories. To make these moments even more special we include the finest natural ingredients in our pasta sauce so you, “Wear the DOLMIO Grin”®.

Kan Tong®

Kan Tong® products have been around in many forms for around 30 years. You might even remember eating Kan Tong® sweet and sour as a kid! Since then the Kan Tong range has released a variety of Asian favourites to cater for the changing palettes of Aussie families.Kan Tong® Sauces use only the highest quality ingredients and all Kan Tong® products are made here in Australia.

Uncle Ben's®

For over 50 years, Uncle Ben's® rice has been famous worldwide for its premium quality, tasty and easy-to-cook rice which is guaranteed to turn out perfectly every time. The time and effort involved in cooking rice is not well suited to today's hectic kitchen. Thanks to Uncle Ben's®, you can deliver all the great taste and nutrition of rice without the hassle! Uncle Ben's® rices are specially created to make them quicker and easier to cook than ordinary rices and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Uncle Ben's 'Perfect Every Time'&


Uncle Ben's Rice

Uncle Ben's® Long Grain Rice Uncle Ben's® Long Grain is a great tasting choice for a balanced diet. Uncle Ben's rice is specially processed to retain its natural goodness, and is rich in complex carbohydrates. Tips & Hints Consistent every time Crack percentage no more than 1.25% to total product (damaged or broken Kernels) Baine Ma...

Dolmio Pestos

Basil Pesto Made with basil, garlic and Pecorino cheese and flavoured with our famous herbs and spices, this is a full flavoured traditional style pesto. Tips & Hints Stir Pesto through freshly cooked pasta, to taste. Garnish with fresh basil leaves and parmesan cheese Perfect for making mouth watering bruschetta Spread on pizzas Add ...

MasterFoods Dressing & Vinaigrettes

Balsamic Vinaigrette   Caesar Salad Dressing   Coleslaw Dressing   An American style vinaigrette with a base of premium balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. We add oregano, garlic, pepper and a selection of our spices to deliver a modern gourmet flavour to any salad or roasted vegetables.   A creamy dressing with the richn...

MasterFoods Sauces

Barbeque Sauce   Chilli Sauce   Soy Sauce   A traditional blend of tomatoes and selected spices creates this tasty Barbeque Sauce.   A blend of chillies, mustard and selected spices create this hot and spicy sauce.   A rich, full-bodied sauce made to an authentic oriental recipe great for seasoning food while co...

MasterFoods Mayonnaise

Coleslaw Mayonnaise   High Cling Mayonnaise   Homestyle Mayonnaise   A great classic flavour with added cling that is particularly useful for salad bar products. Although we've named this mayonnaise as 'Coleslaw', it's perfect for any of your high-cling requirements.   A Classic flavour with high cling perfect for display...

MasterFoods Mustard

American Mustard   Dijon Mustard   French Mustard   A sweet and tangy mustard, traditionally used on hotdogs. Widely used in pubs, clubs and bistros.   Prepared with traditional ingredients in the French style, this mustard can be used to give the characteristic Dijion flavour to any dish. This mustard has a clean, sharp f...

MasterFoods Herbs & Spices

Herbs (Click here to see all herb products)       Basil Leaves   Chives   Dill Leaf Tips   Basil Leaves have a complex sweet, spicy aroma with notes of clove and anise. The flavour is warm, peppery and clove like with underlying mint and anise tones.   A delicate peppery onion like flavou...

MasterFoods Meal Sauces

Ginger, Lime & Lemongrass   Honey Mustard   Moroccan Tagine   This flavoursome Meal Sauce will add fresh zesty flavours to your stir-frys with aromatic ginger, lime, lemongrass and coriander.   Use this rich Meal Sauce to create a delicious creamy dish with wholegrain mustard and the sweetness of honey.   Us...

Condiments & Sauces by Mars Foodservice

Kan Tong Sweet & Sour Sauce   MasterFoods Mint Jelly   MasterFoods Plum Sauce   A Sweet & Sour blend of carrot, onion, capsicum, bamboo shoots, and pineapple that creates an authentic oriental stir-fry.   A deliciously fresh flavoured Mint Jelly based on a traditional recipe using only the finest mint leaves. This ...

Mars Foodservice - Portion Control

You can use MasterFoods® Squeeze-On portions to minimise wastage and mess when preparing salads and plating up condiments. Tips & Hints Easy to apply Less mess, less wastage High consumer awareness Hygiene, safety and labour benefits An easy way to flavour and dress individual meals   American Mustard Barbeque...

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