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BOC is a Member of The Linde Group which supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment around the globe. The company develops safe, sustainable and innovative solutions for customers in many specialty sectors, heavy industry and medical environments.

For more than a century, the company’s gases and expertise have contributed to advances in industry and everyday life, including steelmaking, refining, chemical processing, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, welding and cutting, food processing and distribution, glass production, electronics and health care.

At BOC, we understand the knowledge, expertise and process needed for your business to succeed in the hospitality industry and we’re proud to play an important role.

We are your one-stop supplier for a range of hospitality products and services such as food grade Carbon Dioxide and Argon, CELLAMIX® gases (Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen mixtures), LPG, CELLAGUARD® Carbon Dioxide monitors, regulators, AS5034 compliance reviews, and GASMATIC® — our Specialised Delivery Service offer.

You can count on our reputation and commitment to service and safety because your business is important to both of us.


CELLAGUARD® Carbon Dioxide Monitors

BOC have developed the CELLAGUARD® system to assist with aspects of AS5034 compliance in workplaces where carbon dioxide (CO2) and inert gases are used to dispense beverages.   The standard system comprises a CELLAGUARD® Monitor installed inside the cellar or cool room with a repeater positioned outside for added safety, warning labels and ins...


Cellamix beverage gases are supplied by BOC for use in the hospitality industry.     Cellamix 40 Beverage gas typically used to dispense draught beer   Cellamix 55 Beverage gas typically used to dispense all beer types even some stout beers Cellamix 75 Beverage gas typically used for dispensing...


Gasmatic is simple, inexpensive, and highly efficient. There is no electric motor, no refrigeration unit, no moving parts.The gas temperature is kept stable by virtue of its stainless steel vacuum insulated design. GASMATIC® makes it easy to meet large liquid CO2 demand whilst improving efficiency and safety in the workplace Flexible deliv...

BOC Hospitality, Food & Beverage Gas Mixtures

Food and beverage gases are supplied by BOC for use in the hospitality industry. Shop from our range of food grade gas mixtures for your beverage dispensing and food preparation needs today. Carbon Dioxide Food Grade Food quality gas used in pressure beverage dispensing for bulk beer, cider and post-mix systems.  Nitrog...

BOC Limited

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