Yoghurt specially made for chefs

Yoghurt can best be described as a modern miracle food with many attributes and is so versatile that it is found in most contemporary kitchens.

Yoghurt was traditionally used to enrich and balance spicy style foods found in Indian, Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisines, however its usage today has been innovated through all principles of cooking in modern contemporary kitchens, together with baking, marinating and grilling.

Fonterra food services have combined all the best attributes of yoghurt and developed “Anchor Professional” Greek style and Natural yoghurt. The adaptability of “Anchor professional” yoghurt is evidenced by its use in multiple applications on all parts of the menu including breakfast, snacks, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, canapés, entrées, main courses, desserts and chilled beverages.

“Anchor Professional” Yoghurt appeals to all demographics and its natural versatilty and characteristics provide a simple and delicious ingredient that heightens our sensory pleasure. One of the most important sensorial attributes of yoghurt is texture. “Anchor professional” yoghurt is made without additives and has been developed to be used with ease across a broad spectrum of cooking applications; it is best described as both silky smooth and creamy. Grainy textures are not desirable in yoghurt and usually form when additives are added when making the yoghurt, such as pectin, gelatine or other starches.

“Anchor Professional” Yoghurt adds creaminess, richness and flavour to dips, sauces, baked goods, cakes, desserts, beverages and toppings.

The calcium content in “Anchor Professional” yoghurt combined with its natural acidity is great for tenderizing and marinating meat. The calcium reacts with the enzymes found in meat  that assist in breaking down the protein and weakening the muscle fibres and tissue. 

All dairy products are considered healthy and “Anchor Professional” yoghurt has a particularly good source of calcium and high quality protein. In addition to its healthy probiotics  such as Acidophilus, Bifidus and Caseil which is proclaimed to keep our own internal system balanced. The protein found in dairy foods is a building block of a healthy functioning body and can also function as a fuel source, keeping you going for longer. The protein in “Anchor Professional” yoghurt provides an excellent start to the day and is often included in breakfast choices, served as it is, with muesli and fresh cut fruits.

“Anchor Professional” Natural and Greek style yogurt have no added flavours or sweeteners, which has contributed to a clean, slightly acidic, tart flavour and a smooth silky texture that combines and mixes easily with a variety of foods.

“Anchor Professional” yoghurt is brought to you by Fonterra Food Services, made for all culinary applications in both 2 x2 kg buckets or 2 x 5kg buckets is now available from your  distributor.


10 July 2014

Fonterra Foodservice - Dairy Products