Burgen Bread



Bürgen® bread has been specifically developed with nutritionists to help maintain health and wellbeing. Each variety is made using a unique combination of ingredients and the products are low GI and high in fibre. The range includes Soy-Lin®, Wholegrains and Oats, Rye, Fruit and Muesli, Wholemeal and Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds.

Burgen - Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Burgen - Wholemeal & Seeds

Wholemeal & Seeds

Burgen - Wholegrain & Oats

Wholegrain & Oats

Burgen - Rye


Burgen - Soy Lin

Soy Lin


Burgen - Rye - Frozen

Rye - Frozen


Burgen - Soy Lin - Frozen

Soy Lin - Frozen


Burgen - Gluten Free White Bread - Frozen

Gluten Free White Bread - Frozen


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