Quattro, Pilot & Titan Permanent Stage Solutions

Let us custom design your unique QUATTRO, TITAN or PILOT Permanent Stage/Platform package. Have an odd shaped area or inconvenient obstacle strewn space? We can design an event display platform or stage to fit and perform.

Our QUATTRO, TITAN and PILOT Permanent Staging systems allow each customer versatility in design; Podiums and Fascia finished in a choice of beautiful wood stain finishes in either clear or coloured stain; or cover the Platforms, Stairs and Fascia with marine grade water safe hard wearing and non-slip carpet in a wide choice of colours; add Stairs or Access/Disabled Ramps; vary the Stage Podium heights with our extensive choice of Podium Legs; add safety Hand Rails; add elegance with Valances and Backdrop Curtaining; personalise your Stage or Platform area with an embroidered Logo on the Curtaining or Fascia.

Every Event Staging solution from Select Concepts utilises our years of superior design and craftsmanship. TITAN, PILOT and QUATTRO’s cleverly designed clamps, brackets, size adjustable legs, border rails and fascia fixings give each Stage Platform unique adaptability and strength.

Our attention to detail ensures you always receive the best advice on selecting the right Permanent Stage/Platform Solutions for your Event or Display. In fact, we provide a complete Performance, Event and Staging Solution for each customer, project managing everything from initial consultation to final product testing and installation.

We project manage any kind of Permanent Stage development from a new-build performance space, display modules, shopping centre display areas, pub/clubs band stage, lecture theatre, drama or dance studio or a complete refurbishment, overseeing the process every step of the way from initial consultation to final handover.


No matter your unique Performance or Event requirement, Select Concepts work with you to create your best Staging Solution.

Select Concepts – we create amazing Performance and Event spaces for all Hospitality organisations.




Select Concepts is driven to provide the hospitality and entertainment worlds the best practical solutions for Portable and Permanent Platform & Stage Systems. The MELBA, QUATTRO and PILOT Tiered Platform Systems have been designed and manufactured in-house to cater for their exacting performance, display, seating and event requirements.

Tiered Platform & Stage Systems are an easily transported and installed solution for Entertainment Venues, Pubs & Clubs, Event Organisers, Choirs, Social Clubs, RSL venues and Council public buildings.



The MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser system is a popular addition to our range of professional pubs & clubs, theatre, musical, oratory and hospitality performance Portable Stage Systems. The MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser is an ingenious solution for an efficiently simple all in one Choir Riser.

The MELBA multi-tiered platforms create options for the Hospitality industry to provide tiered performance levels for musical and theatrical events.

Maximising on the proven successful mobile design of our QUATTRO Fold & Roll, the MELBA Fold & Roll is simply wheeled along on its easy glide castor wheels into the desired position, the wheels are locked and the Riser Decks are lowered. The gas-struts make lowering and raising the Deck unit a smooth effortless operation. Plus the 4 wheel locks ensure the MELBA remains securely stationary.

  • Select Concepts' unique in-house design eliminates pinch points, heavy lifting, and only requires one person to operate the MELBA Fold & Roll.
  • The MELBA Choir Riser has 4 generously proportioned riser decks; 200, 400, 600 & 800mm heights- approximately 6 performers per level. The main body of risers and framework is constructed in 1 complete unit – the only removable components are the Safety Hand Rails.
  • The MELBA Fold & Roll unit comes complete with a removable Rear Safety Handrail, plus 2 removable Side Safety Rails as standard additions which are quickly and easily affixed to the main Choir Riser body. The detachable handrails are cleverly stored on the rear of the MELBA Fold & Roll.
  • Each Riser Deck is constructed with MAXI Wire 18mm ply with an Anti-Slip textured film floor surface.
  • After use, the MELBA is easily disassembled and stored away by one person.
  • The MELBA Fold & Roll is a compact, manoeuvrable Portable Choir Riser specifically designed to fit standard building configurations (will fit through a domestic doorway), and stores in only 2.4 X 0.8m of floor space.

Unique Hospitality Staging on many levels!

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