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Select Concepts is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Portable Platform & Staging Systems to suit all hospitality and event requirements.

At Select Concepts we offer a comprehensive range of Portable Stage Solutions designed to allow flexibility to each customer’s stage or portable platform requirement.

The QUATTRO, PILOT, TITAN and MELBA Portable Staging Systems are manufactured in full at our Melbourne workshop. The warranties we issue on our Portable Stage Systems are comprehensive and range from 2 years to 10 years – dependent on the Stage System purchased. Select Concepts Stage Systems components are rigorously tested and of reputable quality and level of safety.

The Select Concepts Portable Stage Systems are proven to be the best design on the market, being simple and efficient to set up and take down, whilst extremely very stable, strong and dependable. Our Portable QUATTRO, TITAN and PILOT Portable Stages are compact to store and transport with our custom designed Storage Trolley.

Every Portable Staging Solution from Select Concepts utilises our years of superior design and craftsmanship.


QUATTRO Portable Platform & Stage Systems

QUATTRO Portable Staging is our most popular Portable Platform & Staging System – manufactured in-house by Select Concepts. QUATTRO is the most adaptable and easy to use Portable Platform & Staging System available on the market today plus comes with a 10 year Warranty.

Select Concepts offer a free design and quote service for all platform and stage requirements to the event and hospitality industries. This means, no matter the space or budget details, we creatively offer a variety of Staging Solutions with our versatile QUATTRO Stage System.


The QUATTRO Portable Staging System is currently in use by hotels; resorts; restaurants; exhibition halls; hire companies; theatrical companies; churches; councils; social and sports groups/clubs; shopping centres; schools; universities; and event management firms – which is testament to QUATTRO’S strength, quality and adaptability. QUATTRO multi height & size platforms, tiered seating and floor risers ensure complete adaptability and safety for multiple event and hospitality performances!



QUATTRO Stage Podiums may be customised for every requirement.

  • Standard Size - 2000 x 1000 mm, 1000 x 1000 mm.
  • We offer multiple custom designed Podium Sizes and Shapes
  • Average Platform Weight – 35 kg, 22 kg.
  • Design load – 765 kg/m² evenly distributed.
  • Leg size – 40 x 40 mm.
  • Storage height – 80 mm.
  • Material – aluminium, timber
  • Australian Made
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Standard Leg heights – 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 mm
  • Add our own design Adjustable Height Legs 400-600mm or 600-1000mm
  • Decking 22 mm hardwood veneer MAXI Oak
  • Optional finishes – Marine Grade Carpet for wet exterior requirements – multiple colours available
  • Timber Stain – in a selection of timber stain colours
  • Storage – 20 QUATTRO decks stacked on customised QUATTRO Stage Trolley i.e. 40 m² of staging stored in 2m².
  • Operation – easy to assemble – only  a minimum of 2 people are required. Aluminium legs are placed in the corner brackets and wing nuts tightened by hand. The leg is securely held in the corner by means of a sliding T piece. Podiums are secured simply and safely


All QUATTRO Staging Systems are adaptable; easy to use – especially in space restricted bars, restaurants and multi-purpose hospitality venues; compact to store and may be customised exclusively to individual event requirements. All QUATTRO Stages look impressive with our selection of Stage Curtain and Valance Portable Systems; Access/Disabled QUATTRO Ramp System; Safety Stair, Chair Rails & Hand Rails; plus customised company embroidered Logo options.

QUATTRO STAGE SYSTEMS – When only the best will do.

Pilot Portable Stage & Platform Systems

Hospitality, display and event requirements are multi-faceted - Space, size, adaptability and cost are crucial elements in choosing the right display/performance system.

PILOT Portable Stage & Platform System is closely based on the QUATTRO Portable Stage platform design. PILOT provides a versatile and economical choice for a Portable Platform & Stage Solution.

Select Concepts manufacture PILOT Stage Systems in-house which enables us to customise if required, making PILOT an attractive and viable Platform & Stage Solution for all display, performance and event requirements.



  • PODIUM SIZE: 2000 X 1000mm Standard, 1000 X 1000mm – alternatives on request.
  • WEIGHT: 33kg / 21kg
  • PODIUMS: 18mm thick Plywood
  • DESIGN LOAD: 500kg/m2 evenly distributed.
  • DECK LEG HEIGHT: standard heights 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000mm
  • ADJUSTABLE LEGS: Choose from 400mm/ 600mm and 600mm/1000mm combination
  • DECK FINISHES: Timber Stain decks – choice of stain colours
  • STORAGE: up to 20 Podiums on top of each other on transport wheels – i.e. 40m2 of Staging can be stored in 2m2 of floor area
  • OPTIONAL: Stage Retractable Curtain and Valance System; Company Embroidered Logo; Safety Stairs; Hand Rails; Access/Disabled Ramp

Select Concepts’ unique design and structural Platform & Stage components ensure the PILOT Stage System is a simple economical Platform & Stage Solution - ideal for time poor and space challenged hospitality and event organisations.

PILOT Stage Systems – the Performance, Display and Event success story.




Select Concepts have listened to the needs of the Event and Performance industries.  Not only do Portable Platforms & Staging need to be easily transportable but each Stage System must have the ability to be multi-functional in all aspects of height requirements.

The ultimate solution to provide multi height podiums that may be easily erected and changed depending on the event/performance requirements, is the Adjustable Height Leg System designed and manufactured by Select Concepts.

Adjustable Height Platform Legs are available in 400mm/ 600mm and 600mm/1000mm height combinations which optimise the ability to change the Stage Podium heights in situ quickly and easily.

QUATTRO, TITAN and PILOT standard Stage & Platform Systems offer the option of Stage Legs in standard sizes of 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 mm. Or add a selection of the Adjustable Height Legs to create simple efficient podium variations.

Customising Select Concepts Portable Platform & Stage Systems is an integral option for all Performance, Display and Event requirements for the Hospitality industry.




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